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I actually once hated my parents for their past which they affected with my future.. but I had to let go of it cause it's their past ND can never be corrected... I lived 19 yrs without them.. Tho it was like hell to me.. After I met my mum ND found out why she left me for so many yrs,I growed hatred towards her that I stopped seeing her and hardly call her on phone but my bestie changed my thinking on that.. She made me believe that there is a reason for every action our parents take on us,she would share different stories with me just to make me take my mum as d best mum for given birth to me in the first place... I grew interest in her views ND started missing my mum ND eventually got addicted to hearing her voice ND visiting her always.. I later fell in love with my bestie but couldn't tell her cause I don't want her to feel disappointed..

1 year, 8 months ago

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Big Sister - Moderator

Hey Sms! Thanks for the comment. Your bestie is a friend indeed and we are happy that you had a friend to put you back on track when you needed that. Thanks for sharing this with us. We hope this helps

1 year, 8 months ago

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