All girls deserve to be treated right

Titi shares her self love tips

All girls deserve to be treated right

Titi just graduated from secondary school and she has big plans for her life. She has been through alot in the past 18 years and she feels like there are some things she wishes someone else told her when she first became a teenager. Back then, she did not know much about boys and how to tell if a boy really cared for her. But now she feels she has learnt so much and would like to help other girls by sharing her experience.

Here are the tips she shared with us;

  1. LOVE: If a boy cares about you, he should care about how you are doing. He would not ignore you. He calls and sends you messages. He wants to know how you are feeling. He is also happy to listen to you. He says things that make you feel good.
  2. RESPECT: We all deserve respect. A boy who cares for you would never insult you or beat you. No matter the quarrel. If any boy ever does this to you, end the relationship immediately. And report it to an adult you can trust.
  3. VALUE: We are priceless. So nobody has the right to make you feel bad about your body. Any boy who really cares for you should like you the way you are. He should not say bad things about your looks, your size or your body. You are beautiful just the way you are.
  4. KINDNESS: We should be treated with kindness. If you have a male friend who you spend time with, he will look out to help you when you need help. He would also talk with you when you have a problem. Titi told us about when her grandmother died, she was so sad. She was lucky that her friend, Chuka, was always there to help her feel better when she started crying.

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