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When I was 14 I got sent home from school. My parents could not afford the school fees. I was so sad. I thought it was the end.

One day, our neighbour Mr. Nduka asked if I wanted to become a car mechanic. He noticed how I always peeped into his workshop.

I love cars. But I had never thought about becoming a mechanic. Helping out Mr Mduka showed me that I too could be a mechanic.

My parents did not agree at first. They finally accepted after Mr. Nduka said that he would make me an apprentice and provide me training that was free and safe.

When I first started, I was ashamed. Especially when I see my classmates coming from school. Some days I dodged them.

At the workshop, some of the mechanics and even customers made fun of me. They said a girl can’t do this work. I told my mum. She asked me not to mind them. I made up mind to ignore them and work harder.

One day, a lady who had come to fix her car saw me. She was impressed. She asked about my future plans. I told her I wanted to go back to school. After speaking with my parents, she helped me enroll at a night school in our area.

It has been 4 years since I got sent home from school. I am almost through with my training at the workshop.

I am no longer ashamed when I see my classmates. Some days they stop by to see me at work. Some of them want to learn too. I have now become a role model to some of them.

I have also graduated from my night school. I have applied for a course in the university to study mechanical engineering next year.

I have plans to open a mechanic workshop in the future. I want to train other girls. Sometimes, I imagine if I had given up. What would have happened to my dreams?

Are you going through a tough time? Don’t give up. Remember, it will pass. You will bounce back

Believe in your dreams. Even if other people say they are impossible. Just focus on your goals. Work hard and you can achieve what you want.

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