This boy keeps bothering me

How my mother helped me

This boy keeps bothering me

I was 10 years old when a guy first approached me. I can remember the day very well. I was at my parent’s shop as usual in front of our home. My mum had gone to the market and my younger ones to school. My dad was also not around.

An older boy who lives around my house came to buy something. I noticed he was looking at me in a funny way that made me uncomfortable. I tried to avoid his look. I asked him what he wanted to buy. He kept making silly advances at me as I packed the items he came to buy. It made me feel so uncomfortable.

I noticed after that day that he started coming to the shop more often. Sometimes he tried to get me to come out of the shop to meet him. He even asked me to meet him at the backyard where no one would see us. I made sure every time he asked me to meet him I said no. This is because I knew meeting him alone could be risky.

No matter how much I said no he refused to give up. He kept trying to get me to meet him.

I knew I had to do something to make him stop. And so one day while talking to my mum I noticed she was in a good mood. I thought to myself now is a good time to report this guy to my mum. And so when we were quiet I said “Mum there is this person that keeps coming to disturb me in the shop, I have asked him to stop coming but he won’t listen. He always asks me to meet him at the back yard but I have never answered him!”

My mum asked who the person was and I told her about him.

My mum went straight to their house and reported him to his step mother. She warned him seriously. Since that day he has stopped disturbing me.

Now I am happier that he no longer disturbs me. I also feel proud of myself for being able to report this to someone that is older than me.

Years have passed since the incident happened. Sometimes when I see him I just remember how he made me feel so uncomfortable with his advances. I even imagine what could have happened if I had remained too scared to report.

Thanks to my action I now know how to confront other boys on my street who are also disturbing me and asking me to date them.

For the stubborn ones I report them to my parents.

I am not scared to report anyone or speak for myself. You too can do the same.


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