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How I stopped my nanny from bullying me

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I was in primary school when I first experienced bullying.

It started after I reported my class teacher to our head of school. A classmate of mine had pooped on his body and our nanny refused to clean him up. She said it was not part of her job. The whole class smelled badly but she still refused to do anything about it.

The head of school walked into the class during the day and asked why the class had a bad smell. I told her it was because a boy pooped on himself.

He immediately asked why the nanny didn’t clean him up. She lied that she wasn’t aware of the incident. I spoke up and said she was lying. I told the head of school she knew but had refused to clean him up.

Our head of school questioned the nanny and even gave her a query. Since that day she made it a duty to make my life in the school hell.

One day she tried to frame me for stealing. She put somebody else’s lunch in my lunch bag. When I opened my bag I saw two sets of lunch. I ate mine and left the other lunch. I figured whoever put it there will come back for it when they need it.

While I was eating my lunch a boy started crying that his lunch had being stolen. My nanny quickly mentioned that she saw it in my lunch box. Other teachers in the class questioned me. I told them I didn’t steal it.

They took me to the head of school’s office. He asked how the food got to my lunchbox. I couldn’t explain how I got it but I was bold enough to defend myself.

I stood my ground that I didn’t steal the food. But the nanny kept saying I stole the food.

The head of school decided to investigate the matter. He asked my classmates who said they saw me eating only my own food. They even said they saw when I left the other food in my lunchbox.

After the investigation my head of school found out that my nanny was the one that put the lunch in my lunch box. The only reason she confessed is because I fought for myself. I didn’t allow her screaming to scare me. I was courageous.

She was suspended after the incident. I continued going to school without any fear.

Although some days going to school was tough because of some people who reminded me of the incident. They sometimes called me a thief, when they do I made sure I reported them to the head of school.

What I learnt from this experience is that speaking up when something happens is very important. Sometimes people may not like it when you stand up for yourself . But that does not mean you should keep quiet. When you keep quiet you might just end up in more trouble.

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