Discovering my hidden talents

How helping others boosted my confidence

Your thoughts (18) Discovering my hidden talents

My name is Sarah and I’m 16-years-old.

I live in a very quiet town where usually nothing ever happens.

A few weeks ago, something happened, something terrible. Two classrooms in our community primary school burnt down. Luckily, it happened during the holiday. No one was hurt.

A few days later, a construction company donated building materials to the school. Afterwards, the community leader asked people to volunteer with rebuilding the classes.

I decided to help since I had so much free time during the holiday.

They put me in the administration team. Our job was to keep track on how they use the building materials. It was a big responsibility and at first I made some mistakes. But I remained focused and over time I got better at it.

It took us four weekends to complete the buildings. At the end, I was really proud of myself.

Come to think of it, I’ve always been good at planning things. For example, my mum always make me plan the meals for holiday celebrations. But, I guess I just never saw it as a talent. However, it took helping other people for me to realize my talent!

You never know what hidden talent you might have until you leave your shell!

Uncovering my hidden talent made me realize that I should be confident in myself and abilities. Even better - it has made me feel confident enough to try out more new things!

Have you tried out any new activity lately? If yes what did you learn afterwards? Tell us why you think people should try new things regularly.

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