The gist circle

Friends for life

The gist circle

Becoming friends with Glory and Chioma has so far been one of the best decisions I have made in my life.

They are the best friends anyone can wish for. I can’t imagine my life without them. Every second with them is so much fun.

Talk about “friends turned sisters”.

My friends are so supportive. They are like what you would call “a backbone”.

They are always there for me through the ups and the downs. Just like the way they stood by me, when my boyfriend broke up with me. Thanks to their support, I was able to pick myself up after the whole experience.

One beautiful thing about our friendship is how we celebrate each other. I remember when I started learning to sew, they were my models. And when I finished my training they went about telling girls in our community that I was the best tailor. Thanks to them, I got customers.

They are very real with me. I don’t have to pretend for them to like me. And when I make mistakes, they don’t judge me or make fun of me.

This friendship has taught me so much. I have learnt about boys, money, life, and even music from our gist. And some days when we don’t have answers to some of our questions Glory gets the answer from her mum and shares it with us.

These girls have made my life much easier even though some days we have our differences. But hey that’s life.

My girls rock any day and any time.

This is why I will like to advise girls to make friends like my friends. Look for girls that have the same interest as you do. Like my friends and I like music. Make friends with people who will help you grow.

You do need close friends that are the same age as you because, there are times you might just want to talk to someone your age. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t talk to older or younger people about things. Older people can be more experienced and can really help us out too.

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