How I learnt a trade from my mother

It is never too early to learn a trade

Your thoughts (51) How I learnt a trade from my mother

Just like most girls in my community I have to wake up early everyday. For me there is no difference between a weekday and weekend. Since my mother taught me to make hair, I get up early every Saturday to help in her hairdressing salon. I like helping her and I even make a little money for myself.

My name is Bimbo and I am 15 years old. I have 3 brothers and one sister, I am the oldest. My father died last year. My mother takes care of all of us with the money from her salon.

My mum taught me how to wash and set hair, weave, and now I’m learning how to braid with attachment. On weekends, when she has a lot of customers, I help with some things.

Sometimes, I wish I could go out and gist with my friends on the weekends, but my mum says she is preparing me for a better future by teaching me how ‘to fish for myself’.

Well my mum is right! Sometimes, I help my classmates weave their hair in school for N50. I save most of the money I make. I want to use it to buy material to sew a style I saw on TV.

During our next holiday some of my friends and school mates have agreed to pay me N250 to braid their hair, so I can make even more money.

Some of my friends envy me. They wish to have a skill they can use to make money. Some want to ask their parents to allow them to learn a trade during the holiday.

One day I will be able to use this skill to support my mother and our family. I am grateful my mum taught me how to earn at a young age just like her mother taught her. I plan to teach my children the same things I learnt from my mother.

It is never too early to learn a skill. Anything such as making hair can help you make your future bright.

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I will learn how to to weave and sew cus this has inspired me to do so.😍😍

2 weeks, 2 days ago

It a very brilliant idea ti learn trade

2 weeks, 5 days ago
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