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Last holiday, my parents sent me to Aunty Tope’s house. I didn’t want to go. I wanted to spend time with my friends. So on my first day with Aunty Tope, I didn’t smile when she smiled at me. I was homesick.

In the morning, I woke to the scent of freshly baked cake. I trailed the smell to the kitchen. Aunty Tope was slicing a sponge cake. I greeted her and offered to help. But she told me to sit down and have a slice.

When I took the first bite, I closed my eyes in delight. The cake was delicious. I opened my eyes and saw Aunty Tope watching me. This time, when she smiled at me, I smiled back.

Aunty Tope told me about different types of cake, about flavours and colours. She taught me how to measure ingredients and mix them properly. After some time, I baked a cake by myself. Aunty Tope said it wasn’t bad.

Before I left Aunty Tope’s house, she gave me some cake utensils. She encouraged me to keep baking. I took her advice and baked in my spare time.

When my friends tasted my cake, they didn’t believe I baked it. I said that I would bake another one if they paid N100 per slice. To my surprise, they agreed. I baked a cake and they bought everything. They shared it with other people who started placing orders.

Today I charge N250 per slice. I make birthday cakes. My parents helped me open a mobile money account. I’m using it to save for a baking course.

That visit to Aunty Tope’s house changed my life. Not only did I learn a new skill; I also started a business without knowing I had it in me.

Is there something you’re good at – writing, repairing phones or even taking pictures? Like Esther, you can turn it into a business and earn a living. Share your talents with us in the comments.

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i know how to bake but my parents dont allow me to sell they said i have to finish my education

2 months, 4 weeks ago

big sis i mend cloth fr people in my area bt i want to do more

8 months, 1 week ago
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