How many friends should I have?

Titi chooses quality over quantity

Your thoughts (152) How many friends should I have?

In my school, belonging to a clique was the “in” thing. If you weren’t in a clique, you weren’t cool. End of story.

So many people did so many things they didn’t want to do. All because they wanted to “belong” and be cool. Some people even started hanging out with people they didn’t like. Just so they could say brag about having lots of friends. It was crazy.

Then I found out friendship isn’t about quantity, but quality. I started focusing on the type of friends I had instead of the number of friends I had. What’s the point of having 10 friends if none of them ever has your back? Or if they’re never around when you need them most?

Yes, we face so much pressure to fit in. But being yourself is much better. When you are your true self, you’ll make great friends who love you for you. Like my best and only friend, Jemila. She’s always there for me whenever I need her. She helps me with all kinds of stuff. We look out for each other no matter what.

We read Springster stories together. She even buys me small-small things from the market. And the sweetest thing? She doesn’t just call me when she wants something. Or to show off. She can call me to discuss something as random as what she had for breakfast! Now that’s a real friend.

Jemila and I know everything about each other. She never judges me. In short, she totally gets me. I wouldn’t trade her in for more friends. She’s a million friends in one. I’m so happy to have her in my life. I hope you find your own Jemila real soon.

Got any great friends? What’s the most special thing about them? Do share below.

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