How my mum helped me fight drug addiction

Now I am healthy and free

How my mum helped me fight drug addiction

Idayat shares a story on how she was able to fight her addiction. Read and learn.

Four years ago I met some new group of friends. I was in secondary school then.

I was young and naïve. This group of friends had a strong influence on me. They introduced me to drugs and I didn’t even give it a second thought.

I had no idea what the effect was going to be on me. I thought it was just a normal thing because it was just drugs. I thought all I had to do was take it and sleep it off. I started taking it and before I knew what was happening I had become an addict.

When my mum found out she was so disappointed. She had to change my school. She started monitoring me and made sure she separated me from the friends that introduced me to drugs.

With the help of my mum I was able to stop taking drugs. It wasn’t easy. I had to deal with the withdrawal symptoms. I suffered a lot and almost thought of going back to the drugs. But I knew that was not an option. I knew my mum would be so upset and she would deal with me if I tried drugs again. I was also scared of the risks and effects of drugs.

My mum counselled me all through the period.

She told me I can fight the addiction. She said it can stop me from becoming great in future. She said if I want a bright future, staying away from drugs is my best option.

It has being 4 years since this happened. I have changed my friends. I am more careful with the people I become friends with. I am more confident now. I am not easily influenced by people around.

I don’t need drugs to function any more.

I am so happy I was able to quit for my health, brain and future.

My advice is choose your friends wisely. Don’t let anyone influence you except it is positive. Be confident in yourself. Stay far away from drugs.

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