How Top Nigerian Comedian Chigul made a difference in her field

Chioma Omeruah “Chigul tells us how she made her dream happen"

Your thoughts (119) How Top Nigerian Comedian Chigul made a difference in her field

There are women who have chosen to stand out amidst the ups and downs and the belief that women can’t succeed in certain fields, one of such women is Chioma Omeruah popularly known as Chigul.

She started off her career at a time when men seemed to be dominating the industry.

Today Chigul is one of Nigeria’s top comedian turned actress and tv personality.

Tell us about yourself?
I am the 2nd of four children. The first girl. My father was in the air force. We moved around a dad was quite parents believed in flogging....well well!

What was it like for you after you told family and friends about your decision to become a comedian?
I think the issue was more with me quitting my 9-5 job which was a very good one.. My mom was not happy with that decision at first but she is ok now.. Thank God!

Did you have to go back to school for this or take any special courses to boost your career?
Comedy comes natural to me but I would like to take some classes in improvisation if I get the opportunity.

How Top Nigerian Comedian Chigul made a difference in her field

Have you experienced any setbacks since you kicked off your career? If yes How did you tackle it?
With this career path that I have chosen, a lot of times the work comes at different seasons and sometimes you have dry seasons when you get little or no work so this forces you to save money. These times can be very harsh and difficult so you have to be wise.

What is it like being a female comedian in a male dominated industry?
The industry is very male dominated but that forces you to sharpen your skills and remain fresh and new...

Have you performed at any event where no one laughed or where the crowd didn’t respond properly? How did you deal with it?
I have had to learn that not everyone will appreciate or understand my style of comedy. I have done a few jobs where the audience did not find me funny but I just tell myself that they were just having a bad day. Lol!... My catch phrase is "on to the next"*

How Top Nigerian Comedian Chigul made a difference in her field

What would you like to say to young girls who look up to you?
I am a big believer in dreams and in dreaming big...your dreams are valid and you can fulfill them. Get your education and fulfill your passions.....

Do you have a dream? Follow it today. You are never too young for a big dream and never feel like you are not good enough to fulfil that dream. Believe in yourself and your dream.

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