If I were president

Dupe writes about her plans

If I were president

My name is Dupe. I am a 16 year old girl and I know I can become the president of Nigeria.

In fact, I have started working to achieve this goal.

When I become president, I will change a lot of things.

There will be good schools and free education.

No more child marriage!!

Public schools will have free school buses. Public transportation will be clean, cheaper and enough for everyone.

Hospitals will treat patients for free.

I’ll make sure the police are trained to catch criminals and take care of citizens.

There will be more jobs. Young people like me won’t be afraid of finishing school and getting no jobs.

Nigeria won’t just depend on oil to make money. I will look for other ways to make our country rich.

I know it feels like a long time away. But I am already working towards becoming a president. Do you want to know how?

  • I make sure I stay informed about everything happening in my society.
  • I volunteer for different activities in our community centre so that I learn to serve other people.
  • I have taken up a leadership role in a dance group I formed. This way I have started learning how to manage people and activities.
  • I talk to my family and relatives about my plan to become president all the time. This is because I want everyone to support me and know how important it is to sponsor my education.

We can be anything we put our minds to. It starts with believing in our dreams. Then working towards them.

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