If you can dream it, you can do it

Yasmin shows us how it’s done

If you can dream it, you can do it

I’ve always loved fixing things. Even as a little girl, I would climb on a chair to change a bulb, or to fix a switch.

My parents didn’t know what to do with me. I was nothing like the daughter they’d hoped for. But when they saw how good I was, they let me be. On weekends, they took me to the electrician’s store so I could learn more.

When I was 11, something happened. It was a normal Sunday afternoon. My parents were watching their favourite show, when poof! Our TV blew! They screamed and screamed as if someone had died.

I couldn’t bear to see my parents like that. I convinced them to let me fix the TV, and they agreed. At that point, they’d have said yes to anything. They were pretty desperate.

As I unscrewed the TV, my heart pounded real hard. Then I calmed down and remembered everything I’d learned in the electrician’s store. I followed the steps, switched on the TV and tada! It worked!

My parents shared the good news with our neighbours. Before I knew it, I became a local champion in our community. People began to pay me to fix stuff for them. From radios to DVD players, I handled them all. I even built a small alarm clock.

Soon my parents didn’t have to give me pocket money anymore. Instead, I started helping out by buying little-little things around the house. When I said I wanted to read engineering, my parents were sooo proud of me. Their daughter was going to be the first female engineer in their community! Ghen ghen!

But some bad belle people said engineering wasn’t a “womanly” job. They said I should be a hairdresser or a seamstress instead. One man even said I wouldn’t find a husband—as if I was looking for one. Still, I felt very bad. I just wanted to be myself.

My parents told me to chin up. They said the higher we rise, the more people try to pull us down. They encouraged me to stay focused and ignore the haters. I felt much better. Today I still fix stuff in my community. And I’m working hard towards becoming an engineer. Nothing will ever stop me. I know if I can dream it, I can do it.

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