Learn to laugh at yourself

There is nothing wrong with making fun of your most embarrassing moment

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Have you ever fallen down in front of a group of people? Did you lie on the ground and cry? Of course not, you stood up immediately. Even if you were embarrassed, you probably laughed about it afterwards.

Just like Amaka.

Amaka went to a party with her mum. She stood up to get some food for them. That’s when her mum noticed the huge red stain on the white chair she was sitting on.

Amaka cried as her mum helped her clean up in the toilet. She was so embarrassed. She couldn’t believe the whole party had seen her that way. She wanted the earth to swallow her.

Her mum started to make jokes about how Amaka cried like a baby. They started to laugh at the situation. Amaka even made jokes about how she missed the party jollof because of the stain.

Amaka’s mum then taught her how to calculate her next period date to avoid a situation like this.

It is okay to be embarrassed or make mistakes. The important thing is how you rise up after a fall. Having a good laugh about what happened truly helps. Also, make sure to learn your lesson. That way you don’t repeat the same mistake.

If like Amaka you ever find yourself in an embarrassing situation try not to dwell on it. It would soon be over. Learn to see the bright side even when in a dark room. Tell us about a time you saw the funny side of a bad situation in the comments section.

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