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Dupe was 16 when she joined a community choir. She practiced every day with other girls from her area.

They performed at school events, community functions and even weddings.

She loved the choir. She made good friends there. Every day she was eager to go for practice. Everyone loved her, including Mr. Ayo, her choir leader.

Mr. Ayo was a nice young man. All the girls loved how he taught them.

But Mr. Ayo liked Dupe more than the other girls. Some days he took her home in his car.

He bought her drinks and snacks a few times. He always complimented her. He told her she was a smart young girl. He called her beautiful.

Some girls noticed the attention. They made fun of her. They called her Mr. Ayo’s small wife.

She was not bothered until Mr. Ayo bought her a chain. He told her he liked her a lot. He said he wanted to be more than her choir leader.

He promised to take care of her if she agreed.

This scared her. She didn’t know who to speak to. She was scared to tell her mother.

She told her elder sister. Her sister told her to tell him no.

She asked her to be careful. She said Mr. Ayo’s behaviour was inappropriate. It was not right for an older man to use money to get the attention of younger girls. Not all older men who are nice to younger women are looking for something else. But there are those like Mr. Ayo who demand relationships in return for their gifts and money.

She told her to stop taking gifts from him. She also asked her to stop getting in his car with him.

Dupe was scared to say no to Mr. Ayo. She was scared he would scream at her or send her away from the choir. She asked her sister to help her out.

Her sister reported him to their community leader. Mr. Ayo was cautioned.

Today Dupe is back in the choir. Mr. Ayo no longer disturbs her.

Are you like Dupe? Is there an older man who is trying to get your attention? Has someone promised to send you abroad or pay your school fees if you date them? Talk to us about it in the comment section.

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