Making My Own Money

My quest for independence

Making My Own Money

My mum and dad work hard to give me and my two sisters a good life. I really respect that.

My mom is at her shop at sunrise every morning. My dad works in an office. He leaves for work before sunrise every day.

They really taught me the value of hard work and earning money.

I tell my sisters that we don’t have to ask them for everything. Sometimes we can also work hard like them to make our own money.

I remember I saw this Ankara material. It was lovely. But I didn’t want to ask my mum for the money. I wanted to buy it for myself. That’s how I started selling zobo at school.

My aunt makes amazing zobo. I asked her if I could take some to school to sell.

After lecturing me on how to sell them, she gave me ten bottles.

That morning at school, I sold them. Then I did it the next day. And the next. The next week I asked my aunt if I could have twenty instead. I sold the twenty.

And then the day came. I proudly marched up to my mom and told her that I wanted to buy the Ankara material with my own money.

I was so proud of myself. I proved that I could work hard and provide for myself, just like mum and dad.

Wherever I go in life, I’m going to think back to that Ankara material. I will remember that anything you want from life -- no matter how small or big -- you have to work for it.

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