Near or Far, Best Friends Forever

Who said out of sight is out of mind?

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My name is Nneka. I grew up with my friend Lillian in the same compound. I was older by a year, but that didn’t stop us from becoming friends. We went everywhere and did everything together. We finished each other’s sentences. One refused to eat until the other had eaten.

Early last year, my dad was transferred to another state. This meant our family had to move away. We were sad about this. We exchanged friendship bracelets. We promised to keep in touch.

At first, it wasn’t so easy. I had to get used to my new life. But as soon as I settled down, things became normal. It was as if I’d never left.

We called and texted each other often. We sent selfies and shared links to cool stories online. Sometimes we had plenty gist to share. So we would send messages with detailed descriptions. Anytime Lillian wrote about a funny incident, I felt like she was right there.

Even with the distance, we remained close. When Lillian volunteered in her community centre, she told me first. When I formed a singing group, Lillian helped me pick a name.

Over time we made friends with other people. Yet we kept talking about each other to these people. Once, I called my new friend Lillian by mistake. When I told Lillian, we laughed and laughed.

Now we’re both saving up for Lillian’s visit. Lillian is so excited. She has never been away from home. She wants to see all the wonderful places in my pictures. I’m counting down the days too. I can’t wait to show Lillian around. Finally the besties will be together again.

Even if you’re far apart from a dear friend, you can still keep in touch. From calling to chatting, phones have made communication a lot easier.

How do you stay connected to your friends in other places? Drop a line below.

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