Older men keep toasting me

Ibukun tells us how she got rid of her older male toasters

Your thoughts (45) Older men keep toasting me

I was 16 years old when Lanre my 28 year- old neighbour asked me out.

It started with him sending me on errands. Everytime I help him he would dash me his change. I thought he was just being nice.

But then I started to notice that he was only nice to me. He wasn’t like that with other girls in our compound.

One day he called me aside and started to say things that made me feel uncomfortable. He said I looked ripe enough. He said I look more mature than other girls my age.

He told me he liked me and would like me to be his girlfriend.

I told him I was too young for him.

But then he said age is just a number. He said I was old enough for him.

He started to make promises. He promised to send me to school and to always give me money.

He asked me not to tell anyone about our conversation

That’s when I started to suspect him. I had heard about older men like Lanre on Springster. A good example was Dupe’s story.

I knew I had to be very careful with him.

And so I pleaded with him to leave me alone. He refused to listen. Just like Dupe advised I decided to report him to a trusted older adult.

I told my mum about him. She was so happy I opened up to her. She approached Lanre and asked him to stay away from me.

She even threatened to report him to the police if he approached me again.

This incidence with Lanre has really taught me how important it is to speak up for myself.

I have also learnt that reporting to an adult when a situation gets out of hand doesn’t mean I am dull.

You too can learn to always open up. Don’t be scared to say NO. Don’t be afraid to report someone who is making you feel uncomfortable to an older trusted adult. Remember you are not to blame for their behaviour.

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Um....Hi,I'm new here .....'Bout 70% of guys dat ask me out are way older than i am,i turn them down...

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Hi Am new here

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