The Secret Lives of Boys

What they’re really thinking

The Secret Lives of Boys

When I was little, we moved to a different town because my Dad got a new job. I remember being nervous about starting another school. But on my first day, everyone was super nice to me. I made lots of friends. Like Ebuka, the most popular boy in school.

He had a way of making everyone laugh. And he was hands down the best footballer in school. Yet somehow, he managed to be normal in spite of everything. We would talk and play throughout the day. Then walk home together after school. Ebuka was sooo cool. He would help me with my homework and cheer me up when I was down.

One day, Ebuka came over to me during break. He looked worried. He asked if we could talk in private. I began to panic. I had never seen him looking so serious.

When we were alone, he said that he saw Ivie, the new girl in school, sitting in the corridor by herself. He said that she seemed lonely and he wanted to be her friend. Only he was too nervous to approach her. I told him to try making her laugh with one of his crazy jokes. Or to ask her if she had settled down in school. Most important, I told him not to be nervous. After all, he was a great friend to me, so I was pretty sure he’d be a great friend to Ivie too.

That’s when Ebuka told me that many boys wanted to be friends with girls. They felt we were smart and funny, but they were scared to speak to us. They thought we’d shun them. I couldn’t believe it. All along, I thought boys only wanted to be friends with other boys. It felt good to know they admired girls too. Funny how boys and girls think alike sometimes.

Anyway, I told Ebuka girls wanted to be friends with boys too. And it wouldn’t hurt us to try. That way, we could get to know one another better. I think this encouraged him to talk to Ivie because they ended up becoming friends.

I’m glad Ebuka opened up to me back then. He taught me that boys aren’t that much different from us. Pretty awesome.

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