A Shopping Nightmare

Should Sarah tell the truth or not?

A Shopping Nightmare

Anita is my bestie for life. We laugh at the same things and love the same things. Like books, video games, and our absolute fave – shopping!

One day, we saw the hottest pair of red shoes in the market. It was love at first sight for me and Anita. Only the shoes were too small for me, and perfect for Anita, who didn’t have enough money to buy them. I wanted to help, but I didn’t have enough money either. Anita felt bad. Nothing I did or said cheered her up.

The shoe seller went to attend to another customer. For a moment, no one in the store was watching us. Before I knew it, Anita quickly put the red shoes in her bag! I signaled at her to return them. She didn’t listen. I was scared. What if someone had seen us? I’d heard stories about what they did to thieves in the market. Anyway, luck seemed to be on our side, because somehow we didn’t get caught.

On our way home, Anita begged and begged me not to tell anyone. I was torn between doing the right thing or betraying my friend. Anita of all people! I couldn’t possibly tell on her. I couldn’t.

That night, I barely slept. My conscience kept bugging me. I knew in my heart that stealing was wrong. My mum saw the look on my face and asked if anything happened. By then, I couldn’t hold back anymore. I opened up to her.

My mum was supportive and understanding. She told me not to worry because she would fix everything. And she did. She spoke to Anita’s mum, who scolded Anita and made her return the shoes. At first, Anita was so mad at me that she stopped talking to me. Then she realised I was just being a good friend and forgave me. I’m glad things are normal between us again.

Yes, telling the truth can be hard. But in the end, it’s the right thing to do – even if it gets you into trouble. If you ever find yourself in the same spot as Sarah, here’s what to do:

  1. Talk to a trusted adult.
  2. Be honest.
  3. Take responsibility for your actions.
  4. Be bold and speak up.

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