Should I get an education?

How Amina chose her own path in life

Your thoughts (25) Should I get an education?

Every weekend, I visit the community centre with my sisters. We play board games and have lots of fun. I often notice some people sitting in another room. I wonder what they are doing, but I don’t know who to ask.

One afternoon, a tall girl walked out of that room. I quickly went up to her and said hi. She responded with a warm smile. I asked her what she was doing in there.

She said that she was attending a vocational program. She and the others were learning skills like welding, sewing and shoe making. My heart began to beat faster. I’ve always had a thing for shoes. All my notepads were filled with sketches of shoes.

At home, I told my mother that I wanted to enrol in the vocational program. She made enquiries from her friends, then she agreed.

During the vocational program, I learned how to make slippers and sandals. They taught me how to start a business and manage my money. Soon I made sandals for my sisters. They got many compliments in school.

At the end of the term, there was a closing ceremony. I went on stage to collect my certificate. My mother and my sisters cheered loudly.

Next term, I’m going to learn how to make covered shoes. And I’ll have a company too; my big sister is joining me in vocational school. I’m building a career from something I love, and the future looks better than before.

Actors. Lawyers. Bloggers. There are so many amazing careers out there. Like Amina, you might not need to be a attend a formal school to do what you want.

No matter your career, you can help contribute to making the world a better place. What’s your dream career? Share it with us in the comments section.

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