They can't hold you down

Going from grass to grace

They can't hold you down

Hey Springsters, we read a very inspiring story. We just had to share it with you.

It’s about Sarah Nwosu, she was once a 14 year old girl with a big dream.

Sarah’s mum died when she was in S.S. 2. She and her sister went to live with her father and his new family.

Sarah had always loved books and caring for people so she wanted to be a doctor. She soon started doing better than everyone in her new class. Her father was very proud.

But there was a problem; her stepmother did not want Sarah to get more attention than her own children. She gave Sarah extra housework. She wanted Sarah to be too busy to read for her exams. But Sarah would read every night and she kept doing well.

And her stepmother kept trying to keep Sarah’s spirits down. She stopped giving her money for transport. Sarah would walk over an hour most days.

To make some extra money, Sarah would try to do little errands for the next door neighbor and relatives.

And she kept studying hard. She did not want anything to stop her from becoming a doctor. Sarah had one of the highest scores in her school for her WAEC and JAMB exams in S.S.3.

Sadly, Sarah’s father died that year too and there was no money for her to go to the university.

But still, Sarah did not give up. She had learnt to sew from helping the family’s neighbour who was a tailor. She started making some money creating her own designs. She also became a lesson teacher for some children in her area.

After a year, she had saved enough money to continue on to university to study medicine. Sarah continued to sew and teach while studying for her degree. But she always remembered school was the most important part of her life. She loved every class. All her teachers knew her for asking great questions.

As soon as she graduated, Sarah started working as a doctor in a big hospital in Lagos. Her greatest dream had come true.

Isn’t Sarah’s story amazing? We can learn so much from her. Keep working hard and believing in you, even when life is hard.

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