Things I love to do with my dad

How my dad and I chill

Things I love to do with my dad

Who would have ever thought that my dad and I would become close one day?

I never saw it coming until last holiday when I was stuck at home with him for a week.

I had never been at home with my dad alone and so I wasn’t sure how this would turn out. I knew I could not gist with him. Abi, is there any girl that gists with her dad here?

But to my surprise things turned out well. How, right?

So, I was in the sitting room one day when my dad returned from work. He gave me a bag with Suya. He said he bought it for me. This had never happened before.

And then, he sat down beside me to watch TV. He changed it to the sports channel to watch a soccer match.

As I sat there quietly eating my Suya, I got curious about why he liked soccer so much and so I asked him.

You should have seen the glow on my dad’s face after I asked him. He started to explain how his dream as a child was to become a soccer player. He then went on to tell me about the different players. He showed me how they played.

Although, I didn’t understand half of what he said, it felt so good to see my dad gist with me like we were age mates.

The next day when he got back from work he came home with some soccer CDs he wanted us to watch together. He also bought some Suya for us.

That’s how my dad and I became football buddies. It was as if this football connection opened other doors.

Next thing I knew, my dad was asking me what was my favourite thing to do. I told him dancing. He asked me to show him some of my moves. And then he showed me some moves from the 90s. It was so funny.

I was so happy that I spent that week with him. It wasn’t bad after all. I got to know him better.

Thanks to that experience my dad and I are closer now. I am so free with my dad. Sometimes I ask him things about boys and life.

I will advise young people not to sideline their dads. They are really cool. Look for something your dad likes and see if you can develop an interest in it. This way you guys can have a connection.

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