Where Will I Be in Five Years’ Time?

Stella planned ahead to achieve her dream and so can you.

Where Will I Be in Five Years’ Time?

As a little girl, I loved watching my mum get dressed for work. I loved her flared skirts and her floral tops. I couldn’t wait to grow up and have a job too. But I didn’t want to be a teacher like my mum. I wanted to be a seamstress. I dreamed of making beautiful clothes, of making people feel confident.

I enjoyed following my mum to her seamstress’s place. The seamstress was a nice woman who laughed a lot. One day, I asked her how she learned to sew.

She told me that when she was my age, she used to make clothes for her dolls. Then when she grew up, she took a sewing course. She showed me how to cut old pieces of fabric. Right there, I made up my mind to start early as well.

At home, I drew patterns on paper. I looked at dresses in magazines, then made the same styles for my dolls.

At 15, I convinced my mum to let me be an apprentice. I worked with- a local seamstress I met while shopping with ma in the market. I learned fast because I had been practising for long. Soon I started making clothes for my mum and other people. I saved for a sewing machine.

After secondary school, I enrolled in a fashion institute. I learned about design, about body types.

By 20, I was a fashion designer. I got more customers. I printed business cards.

Now I have my own store. I’m busier than ever. But it’s worth it – people say my clothes make them feel good. It’s great to know that I’ve achieved my goal.

Any idea where you’d like to be in five years’ time? Whatever your goal is, the earlier you start planning, the better. It’s easier to get what you want when you know what you want. Don’t worry if it takes longer than five years. Believe in yourself no matter what.

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