Whose path should I choose?

It can be hard to choose between what you want and what your parents want

Your thoughts (30) Whose path should I choose?

Our parents. We respect them. We have grown up under their roof. They have given us everything that we have. We are a part of them. We want to make them proud and happy. Yet, we also have our own dreams. We have our own heads and hearts.

As a teenager Azeezat’s dad wanted her to be a doctor. Azeezat wanted to become a writer. She never shared that dream with her parents. She spent nights reading novels and writing. She spent her days studying to become a doctor.

Now a successful doctor, Azeezat says “my biggest regret is not telling my parents about my dream. I don’t want other girls to make the same mistake I made. I should have told my parents."

Who knows, they might have supported me by helping me study to become a writer or even allow me attend writing workshops. They might have supported me. Now I will never know because I never really told them what I wanted to do."

"Maybe if I had made an effort to be closer to my parents by talking to them about my dreams and spending more time with them they could have helped. Every girl needs to learn that talking is the best way to solve problems.”

Tell your parents about your dreams. Don’t just assume they won’t listen. They want the best for you. That means they also want you to be happy. If you talk to them honestly, they will see how important your dreams are to you.

Have you shared your dreams with your parents? You don’t want to live the rest of your life wondering “what if I had spoken to them?”

If you haven’t considered it yet, maybe try:

  • Showing them your skills. Show them samples of what you can do
  • Asking a trusted adult to help you speak to your parents if you are scared
  • Making a deal with your parents to give your path a try for a while and after a set amount of time if it doesn’t work you would do what they want

It’s important to talk to your parents about what you want. It’s also important to listen to what they think. Together, you should be able to make the best decisions.

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