4 Easy ways to stop body odour

Have you ever met a person whose body smells? If you have, you won’t want that for yourself

4 Easy ways to stop body odour

Here are some easy things you can do to keep yourself smelling clean and fresh

Bathing regularly
Body odour comes from your sweat mixing with germs that live on your skin. These germs are normal. Everyone has them. So there’s no need for worry. Taking your bath washes away the sweat, which washes away the smell. Taking a bath in the morning and at night will help your body stay fresh.

Use the Lemon treatment
Do you sweat a lot in some places on your body, like your armpit? You can use lemon juice to wash that area. Cut a lemon in half and rub the area with the inside part. Allow it to dry, then take your bath. Even better, add lemon juice to your bath water. The lemon juice helps reduce the germs that cause body odour. Plus, it is really refreshing.

Drink plenty of water
This one sounds interesting, doesn’t it? The truth is that, water helps to flush the inside of the body and keep your skin fresh. Choose water instead of soft drinks. Don’t wait until you’re very thirsty to drink water.

Keep your clothes clean
Wash your clothes regularly. Especially your underwear. Make sure your clothes dry properly before you fold or wear them.

A nice smell can boost your confidence you know. Try out our tips and feel free to share other tricks you have with us at the comments section.

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