5 Funny Nigerian Health Myths

Untrue health stories you probably thought were true

5 Funny Nigerian Health Myths

You know how when you get sick everyone has a remedy for you! Some are better for you than others, even remedies we were fed as kids may not be entirely good for us.

In fact when someone tells us untrue things that can affect our health, it can put us in danger.

Learn to separate the facts from the fiction.

Here are some myths

Swallowing fruit seeds will make a tree grow in your stomach
If this were true, we would all be walking about with trees in our stomachs.
Fact: taking fruits regularly is good for your health as it is a source of vitamin and can help you boost your immune system. We advise that you try not to swallow seeds too often as undigested seeds can cause appendicitis.

Drinking garri causes eye problems
Yes. Too much of everything can be bad. But no eye doctor has ever said “stop taking garri, before you go blind”
Fact:Garri is made from cassava which contains some toxic level of cyanide. Hence if we consume badly processed garri we might be exposed to this toxic acid that can affect our health. The trick is to make sure you consume well processed garri and in moderation.

Eating mango after drinking garri can kill you
We don’t know where this started. We do know it’s not entirely true.
Fact: Garri is carbohydrate and mango vitamins. Both combined might not have a side effect however excess intake might cause a stomach upset or purging. Although there are some species of Mango that can be toxic. We advise you eat healthy and in moderation.

Eating the eyes of fish makes you a dull student
There is no link between fish eyes and intelligence.
Fact: fish is ‘brain food’. Studies have shown it can boost brain activity

Placing a thread on a baby’s head stops hiccups
Most babies get hiccups during feeding.
Fact: Breast milk or burping will help more than any thread, trust us.

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