5 reasons you need to eat more fruit

How to stay healthy

5 reasons you need to eat more fruit

Today in Home Economics, we learnt why we should always eat fruits. The class was very interesting. Mrs. Williams explained it very well. She even brought some fruits to show us. She told us we don’t have to buy the expensive ones, we can buy cut fruits which are cheaper and we should always make sure we wash them very well before eating. She told us to tell our friends what she taught us. Since you guys are my friends, I will tell you everything!

Fruits like bananas, oranges and mangos are delicious and also very good for our body. Because they are natural, they don’t have any chemicals that can be bad for us. They are full of nutrients, which help our bodies stay healthy and strong.

Here are five things we can get from eating fruit:

  1. We are still growing, so our bodies need lots of energy. Fruits like banana, pineapple and pawpaw give lots of energy so we can be active and grow strong
  2. We all want to stay healthy, No one likes being sick. Fruits like mango, orange and tomatoes (yes tomato is a fruit!) are full of vitamins and minerals that help our bodies fight disease
  3. Everyone wants great skin. Fruits like watermelon, lemon and orange are packed with nutrients that can help keep our skin smooth and glowing
  4. Do you want your hair to grow long and healthy? Go for avocado, pineapple and guava. They have nutrients and vitamins that can boost hair growth
  5. Fruits like lemon, apple, cucumber, avocado digest very fast and keep us feeling full for longer

After the class, I promised myself to always eat fruit every day! And so should you.

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