Advice about your period you can ignore

Get the truth about menstruation

Advice about your period you can ignore

Getting your period is a natural thing and nothing to be ashamed of. It is not something dirty. It is not a sickness.

But often you hear all sorts of things about your period. Some of them are true. Many of them are not. Here are some things you should not believe:

A girl on her period cannot get pregnant
This is not true. Sperm can live inside a girl’s body for up to 5 days. If a girl has sex towards the end of her bleeding, she can get pregnant

You lose too much blood to carry on with normal activities when on your period
During your entire period, you do not lose more than 40ml of blood. That is not even up to one quarter of a pure water sachet. You can get on with your life as normal.

Menstrual pain is not real, it is spiritual
Period pain is caused when your womb squeezes to shed its lining. The pain is very real. Talk to a trusted adult about how to take care of it.

Menstrual blood is different from normal blood.
Your menstrual blood is normal blood. Blood from your period is exactly the same as blood from a cut on your arm.

There are certain foods you cannot eat when you are on your period
Food doesn’t pass through the womb. It passes through the stomach. There is no proof that any type of food affects the menstruation process. However too much salt in a food can cause bloating as well as excessive junk food. Our advice is to eat healthy when on your period

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