Beauty Comes In All Colors

Beauty isn’t just about what we look like, it is also about what is inside us

Beauty Comes In All Colors

You must have heard people say things like, “that girl is too black. If she was yellow, she would be fine".

Even some adverts, on TV or billboards, make it seem like light skinned models are the best.

But beauty isn’t about fair skin or long, straight hair. Beauty isn’t about having a skinny body. Beauty isn’t only about what we look like.

It’s about what is inside. It’s about how we act. It’s about how we treat people. When we are good to people, we are beautiful to them.

Some girls even bleach because they want people to think they are beautiful.

Bleaching can be dangerous. Some of the chemicals that whiten the skin can also cause serious health problems. Some bleaching products can cause scarring, and even some skin cancers. Some can even kill.

Some bleaching creams use words, like “herbal” or “natural,” to make us believe that they are safe.

The truth is, many things are technically natural, but that doesn't mean that they're good for us.

We are beautiful just the way we are. When we are confident and happy, our beauty will glow for everyone to see.

Do you think beauty is all about looks? It isn’t. Real beauty is in our character, attitude to life, and behaviour. Don’t look down on your appearance or the looks of others.

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