Funny period stories

Who says you can’t laugh at your most embarrassing moments?

Funny period stories

Having a period is normal, but sometimes it can come unannounced. Now that can be embarrassing!

We’ve all had moments we wished the ground would open up to swallow us. Here are some funny stories of girls just like you whose period showed up on the “wrong day”.

My most embarrassing period experience would be the first time I saw my period. It was at a party at my auntie’s house. In the middle of playing and eating I notice I was not feeling too right so I go to the bathroom. I realised my period had come. I tiptoe to my sister who tells me to go tell my mum. As I whisper to her, one of my aunties who noticed my sudden quietness called out to my mum from the other end of the room “Is she ok?”. My mum, nonchalantly shouted to the full hearing of my extended family, “she’s fine, She’s just started her period!”. I was mortified!Toyin

I went to the market to buy shoes. As soon as I walked out of the shoe shop, a young guy started calling me. I thought he wanted to toast me so I ignored him. He kept calling me. Then he shouted ” I dey call you and you dey form for me abi, see as you dey, you don stain ooh” . I prayed the ground would swallow me. People around just stared at me.Oluchi

One of my funny moments was I had used tissue to catch my blood and it fell off. It took me some time before I noticed it. I was looking for it when I saw my neighbour picking it to stone his child not knowing what it was because it was night already. Then I cautiously picked it and ran straight to the toilet to dispose it.- Gracious

An embarrassing “period” moment can happen to anyone. But you can learn how to have less of that kind of moment by reading our article on how to avoid getting stained

It’s also a good idea to always have a pad or tissue, just in case it decides to show up unannounced.

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