How to deal with mouth odour

How to get a fresher breath

How to deal with mouth odour

Imagine people covering their noses when you speak. Not a happy thought right?

Bad breath can be really embarrassing.

In most cases, bad breath is caused by bacteria in the mouth or what we eat. Especially if we’re not brushing properly or regularly.

It can also be caused by dry mouth.

When bad breath is very serious it is called halitosis, which is an illness that can be treated.

Do you have a bad breath? Do you know someone with bad breath? Here are some things that can help

Try lemon
Lemons can help prevent the growth of most bacteria. To get rid of mouth odour, squeeze one lemon into a cup of water. Add a pinch of salt. Rinse your mouth with the mixture daily before going to bed.

Use toothpaste
You can ask an older adult or pharmacist to recommend a good brand of toothpaste. Try to brush with toothpaste once a day.

Chew gum
Prevent dry mouth by chewing gum or sugar free mints.

Eat fruits and vegetable
One of the best ways to remove bacteria in the mouth is to eat an apple a day. It also stops dry mouth.

Drink water
Keep your mouth wet by drinking plenty of water.

Seek Help
If your bad breath continues after trying all these things, speak to a trusted adult. You can also visit your community clinic to seek help.

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