How to deal with my teenage hormones

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Your thoughts (128) How to deal with my teenage hormones

Puberty can be a tough time for a girl. Lots of us feel sad or confused or angry sometimes and wonder why. Our bodies are changing in ways that maybe we don’t understand. Maybe you have loads of questions or are feeling anxious.

Here’s the good news: it’s perfectly normal. You’re growing up and your body is changing. That’s all. We have some tips to help you handle it:

  • As your breasts develop, it’s normal for one to be bigger than the other. They may catch up with each other, they may not. It’s fine. Most of us don’t have identical breasts. Don’t feel bad if your friend’s breasts are bigger or smaller than yours. We come in different shapes and sizes. You are beautiful just the way you are. Love yourself no matter what.
  • Days before your period, you may be moody and cranky. You may want certain foods or have tender breasts. This is called PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome). It’s caused by changes in your hormone levels. Cutting back on sugar and fat will help. Put those sweets and chocolates away. Do simple exercises to sweat off the stress. In addition, drink plenty of water and get enough sleep. Soon you’ll be happy and cheerful again.
  • At your age, it’s okay to be curious about sex. And sometimes when you think of a boy you like, your heart beats faster. Your emotions swing left and right. Don’t be scared or embarrassed. You’re completely normal.

That’s it. Now try to relax. Being a teenager can be fun.

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