I Slay, I Am A Rock Star

Smart girls can love fashion too

I Slay, I Am A Rock Star

Think of something you love. Reading, fashion, solving math, playing football, or all of them. Whatever it is, you don’t have to apologise for loving it. Instead, focus on being the best at it. Yes you can!

But if you don’t put in the work, you won’t be good at your passion. You can start by asking questions. Or talking to those who are already good at it. You can take classes or read up on it too. Practise, practise, practise till you get it right.

Some people will try to discourage you. They’ll say a girl shouldn’t be a scientist. Or a clever girl can’t possibly like fashion because it’s silly. They think if a girl is into such things, it means she’s not smart. This is so not true. You can like as many things as you want. And you can do very well in all those things. The world is big enough for every single one of your dreams.

Nothing good comes easy. So be patient. Don’t put pressure on yourself. Just keep going at your own pace until you achieve your dreams. You’re not competing with anyone.

It’s easier for people to believe in you when you believe in yourself. Hold your head up. Own your opinions. Be proud of who you are. One day, people will look at you and say, “Yes! We always knew she’d conquer the world!”

So let’s step up and slay at whatever we love, girls! Whether it’s art, music, finance or science. We rock all day, every day.

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