We’re Changing, They’re Changing Too!

Guys go through puberty just like us

Your thoughts (162) We’re Changing, They’re Changing Too!

We’ve all been there. We bump into that guy we haven’t seen in a while and we’re in shock! How did he get so tall? Why is his voice so deep? How did he suddenly get sooo cute?

First of all, calm down girl! It’s perfectly normal. Guys go through puberty too. But their bodies change a bit differently from ours. Here’s what you need to know:

Just like girls, guys get hair in their armpits, pubic area, and on their arms/legs. But they also get hair on their faces and chests. Like us, chemicals in their body, called hormones, cause these changes. They also make them sweat a lot. Sometimes this makes them smell.

As guys grow, their vocal chords grow bigger. This is what makes their voices ‘break’. First, their voices get all high and squeaky. Which can make them sound funny. After a while, their voices settle down and get really deep.

We’re not the only ones who have to deal with pimples. Puberty hits guys in the face too. Their sweat and oil glands can clog and cause painful acne. It can be a bit embarrassing for them, just like it is for us.

This is the fun part. When puberty comes, guys’ bodies start to fill out. Some of them get a lot taller in two or three years. That’s called a growth spurt. Some guys start feeling clumsy. They lose their baby fat. Their chests and shoulders widen. Their muscles show up. Their hands and feet grow bigger. It all makes them so much more interesting to us. And that’s completely natural.

Sexual Organs
During puberty, guys start experiencing sexual feelings too. They get erections, which is when the penis fills with blood and rises. Sometimes when guys get erections, they release sperm. This is called ejaculation. During sex, guys ejaculate and release sperm, which swims into our uterus. If it joins an egg there, we can get pregnant. Remember, we all go through puberty. So guys are dealing with changes—just like us. If your body hasn’t started changing yet, don’t you worry. Puberty starts at different times for everybody.

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