What is puberty?

Your body is changing

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Puberty is a time when you go through lots of changes. You body will start changing and you may find your moods change. Here are a few things to expect:

  • You will notice your breasts start to develop and you will start to get pubic hair. This is when you may start menstruating too.
  • It’s normal to feel odd and sensitive about the changes in your body. You may feel irritated, lose your temper or feel depressed. It’s good to talk to someone when you feel this way.
  • Puberty happens to every girl and boy, but not all at the same age. The way you grow may be different to the way your friends grow. This can make you feel worried or left behind - but remember that everyone is different and your body will develop at its own pace.
  • During puberty you may want to talk to your friends more than to adults. Just remember to choose good friends who build you and up and who have similar goals and dreams.

    Puberty is a name for the time when you start to change from a child to an adult. Puberty is normal—it happens to everyone. You'll go through a lot of changes, but you will still be YOU—with some important differences. This is one girl’s story:

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tnxs big sis but some time i get a feeling that i will not grow because am left out all my friends...

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