Why saying “NO” is the “YES” thing to do

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Your thoughts (131) Why saying “NO” is the “YES” thing to do

Sometimes the safest thing to do is to say no boldly, without fear. Like Ngozi.

Emeka wanted her to be his girlfriend. He is 21, she is only 15.

Ngozi and Emeka have been friends for a while. Some days she would sit outside with other neighbours to gist with him.

Over time they got closer and he asked her to be his girlfriend. She refused.

Emeka would not give up.

She told him she needed to focus on her training at the bakery. She was learning to make cakes and wanted to start selling them soon. She told him he would distract her.

This didn’t stop him from toasting her. She started to avoid him.

She told her friends Amara and Joy about it.

They said he was handsome.

That he had money and he always bought them drinks. They told her to date him.

They told her everyone had a boyfriend and she was being old school.

One evening Emeka came over to Ngozi’s house. He noticed no one else was around.He started to toast her. She asked him to leave immediately since no one else was home.

He refused and tried to touch her. She pushed him away.

He told her to give him a chance.

He told her everyone was trying sex and she was being a child. He promised to spend money on her.

She told him NO and begged for him to leave. She started to scream after he refused to leave. Emeka got scared and left.

When Ngozi’s mother returned that evening she told her mother what happened.

Her mother applauded her for not keeping the incident a secret. She told Ngozi she did the right thing by saying no Emeka. She told her not to allow the incident give her the impression that all boys are bad.

According to Ngozi’s mother one day when she is ready to date she would meet a nice young man.

Is someone trying to make you do something you don’t like? Say no, just like Ngozi.

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I love this story

3 months ago

yes because most guys they just want to have sex with the person nd the go away cos there is know...

4 months, 2 weeks ago
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