How I dealt with my growth fears


I hate it any time my teacher says, “Line up according to your height.” I am the shortest in my class. I always have to stay in front. I am 15, but my classmates say I look 10. My friend Ola started wearing a bra when she was 13. I only wear a singlet under my uniform. My breast is not growing.

One day I told my mummy I think something is wrong with me. I asked her to take me to the doctor because I am not growing like a normal person. She took me to Mrs. Eze, my Guidance Counselor in school. At first, I was angry. But after we finished talking, I was happy. She explained everything very well to me.

Mrs. Eze explained all about puberty. It’s the time that your body is maturing into a woman. There are different signs. The girl will start growing taller, hair will come out under her armpit, pimples can start coming out, her hips will become bigger, her breasts will start growing and she will start menstruating. Some girls start as early as 7, but some don’t start until age 13. Some people even when they become 15 or 16, they don’t have any of these things. It does not mean something is wrong. Every girl is different. They will grow too, but their own might just be slower than their friends.

Here are some things that can affect how we grow:

  • If our parents are short, it is very possible that we will be short. If our parents did not grow on time, it can also happen to us
  • Maybe we are not eating well. Foods like beans, egg, fruits and vegetables will help us grow well and strong
  • Did you know, because we are still growing we need more sleep? We should be sleeping least 8 hours every night

If by 18, you still have not seen your period or other signs of puberty, you should go and see a doctor. Just to check if you have any problem.

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