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This Monday was the beginning of our career week in school. Our principal said everybody must pick a skill training class and learn a new skill.

After one month, we will have a big program where people will come and watch us show off our new skills. The principal told us the best from each class will get a gift.

After leaving the assembly, I ran to the notice board to look at the name of the clubs. I saw: Gardening, Drink making, Computer training and Shoe making

During break time, the principal came to our class to tell us about all the different skills training class

In this class we would be taught how to grow flowers like roses and lilies. Our principal said we would also learn how to beautify the environment. Students in this class would be able to make money from selling flowers, plants and even fruits they plant.

In this class we would be taught how to make drinks like zobo, kunu, and lemonade. We would also learn how to pack the drinks. Girls would learn how to build and run the business. She said here we can make drinks to sell in our communities

Here we would be taught how to make use of the computer. We would be taught how to make use of Microsoft word. My principal said with a skill like this I can open a business centre in future..

Our principal said we would be taught how to make sandals and shoes. They would teach us how to set up a shoe business. How to manage the business? I was really happy about the shoe making class. Now I would be able to make slippers and sandals for myself.

After she finished, my principal said all these classes are important. It can help us start our own business or help us make money now and even when we grow up.

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