4 Things school might not teach you

Be the best ‘you’ you can be

4 Things school might not teach you

We learn a lot of important things in school: math, science, how to read and write, and that’s just the start of it! But there are things that we don’t learn in school, that only real life can teach us. What are these things?


We see this on social media, right? #GOALS! But we shouldn’t only use this term for referring to #couplegoals or #fitgoals. Instead, each of us should have #goals for ourselves. If you have dreams for your own future, go after them! Write down the goals you want to attain in the next year. Is it going to university? Starting a business? Getting a job? Even if it sounds big, don’t be afraid. Just break down your goals into small steps, then start with the most achievable goals first.

Start budgeting

One of the most basic rules of life is: never spend more than you are making. Start saving money, even the smallest amount. When you’re deciding to buy something, think about if you really, absolutely, need it. Sometimes impulse or wrongful spending can be the biggest barrier to achieving our #goals.

Stay healthy

Going after your goals isn’t easy so you need to make sure you have the strength and energy to keep going. For your body to have this kind of energy, you need to be fit. Exercise also helps you get mentally strong. It’s a chance for you to build resilience and a positive mindset as you push yourself to keep going and not give up even when you feel like quitting.

Time is gold

Have you heard of this saying? All it means is that time is really precious. It passes you by so fast, and you can’t bring it back. So we should all be wise with the time that is given to us and do the things that matter most. So girl, get some goals, plan, save up and take action! You’ll be closer to your dreams in no time.

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