5 steps to bring you closer to your goal

Getting one step closer to your dreams

5 steps to bring you closer to your goal

Do you want to be the best you can be ?

Do you want to pass an exam, finish that photography course become a surgeon, athlete, pilot or fashion designer?

Do you want to be the first female electrician in your community?

Do you want to become the first Nigerian female president?

Whatever the dream, you can achieve it.

It will take focus, discipline and hard work, but it is possible.

Here are some steps that can take you closer to your dreams.

See it
Picture yourself living your dream. You must have a smile on your face now from imagining this.

Believe it
Now that you have seen it, you have to believe it. You need to have confidence in your dream. Don’t let anyone tell you can’t achieve your dream.

Write it down
Write down or draw a picture of your dreams in a diary or journal. Or write/ draw it on a piece of paper and paste it on the wall in your room. You can add pictures from magazines or books that also relate to your dream. Look at what you wrote/ drew every day. It will remind you what you are working for

Start working for it
Don’t just sit there and expect your dreams to fall into your lap. Are there skills you need to develop for your dream to come true? Do you need to get training or more education? Research the skills you need. Start working towards getting them. This could mean starting to save today so you can afford to attend a course or take classes in the future.

Get a mentor
Is there is someone who is doing what you want to do?
Find out all about them
Learn about all the steps they took to get to where they are. Then you can take them too.
You don’t have to know them personally. You can read about them online or in magazines.
If the person is someone you know personally, ask if they would mentor you.

It is not enough to sit down and dream big.

You need to be focused, disciplined, determined and work hard.

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