5 things you can do today for a better tomorrow

Working towards a brighter future

5 things you can do today for a better tomorrow

One day my mum asked me what I wanted to be in future. I told her that I don’t know. I said ‘I’m still young and I will think about it later.’ She told me to sit down. She said that what I do now will affect me when I grow up. I asked her ‘how?’She gave me examples of people who prepared for their future early and told me how their lives were better now. Then I understood. To have a good future, I need to start doing certain things now

She said if I want to enjoy tomorrow, there are some things I should do today. I want to share them with you

Get Organised
She said every day I should write the things I have to do. As I do them, I should tick them off. That way, I make sure I get everything done. She also said I should do my best every day, in everything I do.

Set Goals
She said I should write down the things I want to do or achieve in the future. Then write down steps I think it will take to achieve them. She said I should not write down 20 things or things I know I cannot do. Just what I really want to do and those things I think I will be good at. She asked me to write down the ones that would take a longer time and the ones I know I can achieve in a short time.

Study Hard
She said the next thing is to get educated. She said I could either go to school or learn a skill or trade. That without education, I will not know all the things I need to achieve my dreams.
Sometimes your dream might not require you getting a degree but getting training isn’t a bad idea. Like your dream might be to become a basketball player. But it is not a bad idea to get trained in another skill eg a coaching training. It would serve as a backup plan.

Save more
She said I should stop spending every naira that enters my hand but to always save some of my money. That way, I have it when I need it in the future.

Choose good friends
She said I should be careful with the people I call my friends any friend that, distracts you from your goals, encourages you to take up bad habits like missing classes or spending all your money will block your goals. Good friends should support me in achieving my dreams and are there when I need them.

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