Am I too young to start making money?

Learn how Amara started earning early

Your thoughts (17) Am I too young to start making money?

Amara was 16 years old when she started making money.

She didn’t even know it was possible until she read a story in a magazine.

It was about a lady who had been named one of the youngest African millionaires. She was only 28 years old.

The story made Amara think about ways she could start a business or make money

She was, however, not sure how to start. So she spoke to her neighbour who runs a clothing business.

Amara wanted her to teach her about running a business.

The lady was surprised at her interest. She was however pleased that Amara had decided to start early. She asked Amara why she wanted to do it.

Amara told her she wanted to make something of her life.

The lady advised Amara. She said “Find something you love and do it.

When you start making money, make sure you save.

Set a goal on how much you want to save weekly or monthly from what you earn.

You can use this savings to buy something you need or even expand your business

Remember to be safe when you meet with your customers”.

Amara thought about things she loved to do and decided to start by making beads. This was something she had taught herself to do.

She started by making beads for free for her friends.

One day her aunty offered to pay N1500 for a chain of beads. Amara couldn’t believe it

Her Aunt's friend saw the necklace. She offered to pay her to make two for her. She was so happy with how her beads has turned out she told her friends and soon they too were placing orders.

It has been a year since Amara started this business. Today she has a lot of clients. She has also decided to teach other girls in her community how to bead.

Amara plans to open a shop in the future. She also wants to open a training centre so she can teach even more girls.

You are not too young to start earning. Pick something you love and work on it. Even if what you love is something you don’t see other girls doing like building houses or cutting hair. Believe in yourself and what you want.

Also remember you can ask someone you trust for advice like Amara did.

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Big sister I started earning money since l was nine now I already have up to a million

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Thx for the d advice Big sis

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