Be You, Be Unique!

“There are people in the world who will like you, the real you, as you are.” – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Your thoughts (48) Be You, Be Unique!

Friends. We love them, don’t we? They help us and cheer us on. They make us laugh when we are sad. But sometimes it can be hard to be our real selves around them. We want to be just like them. We might start talking like them. Or dressing like them. Or pretending we like everything they like.

Ever felt this way? Don’t worry. It’s normal to want to be accepted by your friends. However, it pays to be yourself no matter what.

Here’s how to stay true to yourself when you’re around your friends:

Don’t Give in to Pressure

Try not to do everything your friends do or say. If they want to gist instead of study for a test, say no. Be polite, but firm. You can hang out after your test. School first, everything else later.

Dress for Yourself

You don’t have to dress a certain way just because all your friends do. Wear clothes that suit you and make you feel good. Take care of your hair, skin and nails. Make sure your clothes are well-washed and ironed. It’ll help boost your confidence and let you shine like the star you are.

Encourage Your Friends to be Themselves

Don’t make your friends feel bad if they are different from you, or if they do something you don’t agree with. Maybe they like other kinds of music or have unusual hobbies. Remember, we can’t all be the same. When we accept our friends, it’s easier for them to accept us.

There’s Nobody Else in the World Like You. Be Proud!

It’s okay if you don’t dress or act like everyone else. Who you are is the very thing that drew your friends to you. Changing who you are to please others is a waste of time. You can’t please everyone. The next time someone says you’re different, smile and say: Yes I am and ‘different’ is good.

What makes you stand out in your group of friends? Tell us in the comments.

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