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  • If you have a clear goal in mind, find people who have been successful in the same field. Ask them how to make it happen.

  • Read all you can about successful people in your field. Take note of the journeys they have been on and the choices they have made.

  • Find a training program or girls’ club that can help you learn budgeting, saving, and money management. These skills go a long way in life.
  • Don’t be scared to make mistakes along the way. Learn from them instead. They will make you stronger.
  • Believe in your goals and stay motivated. Accept that there may be hard times. But know that you can achieve great things in life!

Aurore lives in Rwanda. She has been chasing her dreams to start her own business. Read her story here:

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I wanna be a superstar musician but i lack help

20 hours, 55 minutes ago

i don't know de kind of business that wil good for me

1 day, 16 hours ago
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