How Demi Akin is living her dream online

And what we can learn from her.

How Demi Akin is living her dream online

Do you like the picture below? It’s a phone on a phone holder made from tissue paper roll!

How Demi Akin is living her dream online

We think it’s very cool and we think that the young lady who makes things like this is very cool too. That’s why we decided to chat to her!

Her name is Demi Akin and she has a blog where we can learn about useful skill and tips including how to make all kinds of crafts for ourselves, our loved ones or even to sell. Let’s read on to learn more about her.

Please tell us a bit about you
My name is Demi Akin and I am a Fashion and DIY (do it yourself) Blogger. I have a degree in Chemical Engineering. I live in Abuja with my family. I’m the only girl of 3 and I am the first born child. The one thing that makes me tick is Fashion and anything craft related. I love using my hands to create things from nothing. That’s why I bought myself a sewing machine even when I had zero experience in tailoring.

How Demi Akin is living her dream online

Tell us more about your blog

I started my blog about 3 years ago with a completely different vision. Initially it was meant to be a strictly fashion blog. But over the years I realized that although I love Fashion, I love Crafts and Fashion DIYs more. So I started DIY blogging full time mid-2016 and since then, I’ve come to love blogging even more.
So right now, in a single sentence, my blog is about my personal style and DIY projects.

Did you need a lot of money to start your blog?
No. You actually need Zero Naira to start a blog (except for internet connection of course). You can easily start a blog on just by registering the same way you would for Facebook or Instagram. That was how I started my blog.

When did you first realize that you like being creative and trying out new things?
I realized at a very, very young age. In fact, only my parents can tell you exactly when I started showing my creative side. I used to be that child that always has a pair of scissors in hand, cutting and gluing XYZ together. When I was about 11/12 I started my first business which was card making using embossed (designed) paper. Wherever I find myself, I tend to be the person that everyone calls on to do something creative or make something out of nothing. I guess being creative is something that’s always been within me.

How Demi Akin is living her dream online How Demi Akin is living her dream online

How do you get your ideas for new projects?
I follow quite a few other DIY bloggers so I get inspired by them sometimes. I might see an object or piece of fabric and the idea will come to mind. I might see something I really want but isn’t within my reach for some reason and I’ll figure a way to make it. One example is the DIY Ankara Fan Project I posted last year. I saw another blogger with it at Lagos Fashion and Design week but she told me she got it in Ghana. So I spent a few minutes studying the design of the fan and made one for myself a few weeks later. Ideas and inspiration comes in various ways.

How Demi Akin is living her dream online

Can you think of people who supported your creativity?
Mainly my family. My dad used to fund a lot of my projects as a little girl. He’ll buy me books on paper craft and buy supplies as well. My mum used to drive me to this art shop every single time I wanted to visit and get something. They’ll also always suggest projects I could do. My blog readers and followers are also very supportive. Believe it or not, some of them tag me on other Instagram posts or send me items made by designers and say “Demi, I think you can make this” or “This will be a good project for you to work on”.

I think the support has always been there but at first, I didn’t really make my intentions known to anyone. I’m the sort of person that doesn’t like to put my idea out there until it is clear in my mind. This is because I don’t want any discouragement. However, now I know that support is very important in anything you do. So I’m teaching myself to learn to tell people even when I think my idea might be a ‘stupid’ one because you actually never know.

How Demi Akin is living her dream online

Did anyone ever tell you anything that discouraged you from being creative?
I had a friend who once discouraged me from starting my blog in 2014. I felt a bit sad because I was made to feel like I had nothing to offer because there were already many other blogs. We’re not close anymore. We stopped being friends mid-2015 and by the end of the year I had started blogging.

What advice can you give Springsters with big dreams and their lives ahead of them?
Don’t let anyone discourage your dreams but also listen to advice as you go along the path to achieving those dreams. Not all advice should be taken but every word spoken is useful. Bad advice sometimes makes for EXCELLENT motivation to prove the person wrong.
Also never tell yourself you’re too young to start. I remember being 16 and thinking I still had a long way to go before I grow up – I was so wrong and wish I had started a lot of the things I am currently working on earlier and I’m only 23 now.

How Demi Akin is living her dream online

Well, we are definitely inspired to follow our dreams and our talent after reading this. And we hope you are more inspired too.

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