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I’ve always loved writing. I’ve always dreamed of telling amazing stories. But I didn’t know anyone who was a writer. I didn’t think it was possible. Until the special lady came to my school.

That day, we oohed and aahed over her. She told us that she was a writer. That even as a child, she had already begun to write. My heart started beating very fast. She was just like me!

The lady said people made fun of her. They told her she wouldn’t make it. But she proved them wrong.

How? She read everything she could find. She got good writing tips online. Next, she joined a writing group made up of other writers. They read each other’s work and made helpful suggestions. She learned a lot from them.

The lady said there were times she wanted to give up. But her bestie told her to never give up. Her bestie cheered her on all the way.

After a while, she started sending her stories to magazines. At first, the magazines rejected them. Then over time, they began to accept them. They paid her to write more stories. They invited her to give speeches in cool places. Fans from all over the world wrote to say they loved her work.

She encouraged us to believe in ourselves, to follow our dreams. She told us she was about to publish her third book. And if she’d listened to people who didn’t believe in her dreams, she wouldn’t be where she was.

Now I’m more determined than ever to be a writer. If the lady could do it, so can I. She’s such an inspiration. I’ve started doing everything she did. I even set a goal to write every day. And I’ve been doing it bit by bit. I’m ready to work very hard to achieve my dream. I know I’ll make it someday.

Whatever you want to be, whether a swimmer, a TV presenter, or a writer like Irene, you can do it! Don’t let anyone discourage you. Never stop chasing that dream of yours.

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Same as Irene, I love writing. My first book is still on edition.

4 months, 3 weeks ago

Oh my gosh jane886 I love reading books on wattpad but why haven't I seen any of ur writing s

6 months, 2 weeks ago
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