It is not too early to save

You too can start saving money early

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I once read a book written by a 13-year old girl. It was about how she started saving at the age of 8. I was very surprised. How could that little girl know so much about increasing her money? Me, I’m still asking my parents for N50 to buy biscuit! After reading the book, I checked my kolo (where I keep my money) and it was empty. “I want to be like this girl,” I said to myself. I am 15. If a 13 years old can do it, then I have no excuse anymore.

So I told myself, I will do everything I can to increase my money. I started saving out of the money I make from washing my neighbor’s cars, cleaning their house or washing their clothes. After 2 months of saving, I took out of it to buy makeup. “How will I stop myself from taking out of the money again? I asked myself. Guess what I did?

I told my mum I wanted to open a mobile money account. She opened an account for me on her phone. After we set up the account, we went to aunty Ayo a mobile money agent in our area who owns a pharmacy. I gave her my money and she helped me to put it into my mobile money account. Almost immediately we gave her the money, my mum got an alert on her phone. The money was in my account! Since then I have been saving my money that way. And my money is still growing till today.

Join me and let’s increase our money together, ask your mummy or a family friend to take you to the bank. Be ready to fill out forms and present documents to open this account.

You can also talk to a mobile money agent in your area or at any bank like GTB, First bank or Skye bank to get more information.

You can ask your parent or trusted adult to help you open an account at any bank. They can help you open an account for teenagers if you are below 18 years.

Start to grow your money today by saving. maybe one day you can use your savings to start a business, that way you can make even more money.

What would you like to start saving for? Tell us about it in the comments.

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Thanks for the enlightenment .

2 weeks ago

Big sis Pls how can i getMobile money account ?

1 year, 8 months ago

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Big Sister - Moderator

Hey Goody! Please talk to a trusted adult about this for guidance. We hope this helps.

1 year, 8 months ago
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