Know your basic “child” rights

Stand up for what you deserve

Know your basic “child” rights

Girls have rights. Just like everyone in our community. It is important we know what these rights are.

So we know what is right and what is wrong.

So we know when to speak up and report things.

We are not too young to know our rights.

Do you know your basic rights?

Here are some things every girl should know:

You have a right to be educated
Every child has the right to get an education. While having a formal education is your right, your education doesn’t have to be only in a classroom. It can be a skill or trade you are learning. When we are educated or trained in a trade we are assured of a better future.

You have the right to control what happens to your body
Your body belongs to YOU. It should be treated with respect. No one has the right to abuse you sexually or physically. We should never be afraid to speak up if someone disrespects our body.

You have a right to say no to early marriage
You have a right to decide when and who to marry. Are you are under a lot of pressure to get married? Speak to your parents or a trusted adult. Talk to them respectfully about what you want. Explain why you don’t want to marry right now. Find a trusted adult to speak to about this. It can be a teacher in school or an older relative.

We must learn to speak up for ourselves.

Tell us about situations where you have had to speak up for yourself?. How did you do it?

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